Hydra Cafe & Bar

Hydra Cafe & Bar is a before-work meeting place to start the day and a midday go-to lunch spot which transforms in the evening into the perfect pre-dinner hotspot with a lively atmosphere, creative cocktails, and tapas-style mezze menu.

CAFE 6:30AM - 3:00PM

Not just a cafe, rather a delicious part of your Vancouver EXperience. More than the usual range of daily fare, offer an unrivalled selection of fresh and unique pastries from our artisanal bakery. Our breakfast, lunch, treats and snacks can be savored in our beautiful and welcoming Café or taken as a grab and go option as you explore this exciting city.


An escape in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district. An eclectic spread of great tapas, intriguing beverages, and beautiful people. A room buzzing with soul, intimate interactions and feel good music. Stop in for an after work bevie or stay with us for the night! All are welcome.

Hydra Goddess

Located in the EXchange Hotel Vancouver
475 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B3

604 416 0880